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Sunday, 23 July 2017


For years rumour had it that there was a powerful Masonic Lodge based upon Hornton Street.
A powerful Mason was the odious Nicholas Freeman, the one-time leader who authorised the criminal destruction of the beautiful Victorian Town Hall in Kensington High St. 
The Dame instructed her equally criminal nephew, Ludo, to do some research to see which councillors could be apron wearers.....

By deduction, we can knock out the following on the basis they are Catholic.

Cllrs Moylan, Atkinson, Freeman and possibly Ahern

Then all the lady councillors are knocked out as they are not particularly welcome in Masonic circles.

So, who's left?

Saturday, 22 July 2017



Jacob Rees-Mogg MP does not collect a considerable proportion of his Parliamentary allowance saying he feels he can afford not to....How very old fashioned....he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for making our two deputy leaders look bad. 
The Dame has written to Cllr E Campbell and expects a reply. 
Oh, and the 'twelve thousand residents' were those who popped into the Hornet's Nest just in the last seven days....

Cllr Pascall is a multimillionaire with a portfolio of prime properties. Does he need his chunky allowance?
Smug Pascall

His co deputy leader is another multimillionaire whose 'boy's toys' include a £250,000 classic Ferrari. 
Again, does he need his chunky allowance?

Multi millionaire property developer


Dearest and most revered Dame
For those readers that don't already know about how easy it is to make a Freedom of Information Request in the public domain.  

Making an FOI request through it will be logged and automatically followed up and retained as a history for anyone to review at any time.

Thank you very much for your continued support of RBKC and your tireless work.

P******r R********s

Friday, 21 July 2017


It looks like Holland Park Academy are going to be sued by a lady upset the school has forbidden her to wear a veil on school premises. LINK

The Dame imagines the lady will be seeking millions of pounds to assuage her severely damaged feelings.

Where will it all end. 
At a parent's meeting, it was made crystal clear the school was secular but clearly, the message did not get through to one parent!

Thursday, 20 July 2017


No K&C meeting would be complete without Cllr Moylan's fellow ward councillor, Cllr Palmer behaving like a clown. 
At the next election, Palmer must be ousted.



Question 1.  Why is the Leader of K&C paid more so much more than the leaders of H&F and WCC?
Question 2.  Are the two deputy leaders of K&C being paid £37,500 each plus their allowance of £11,000?


Dep Leader needing a trim
The new line up is out. The Dame leaves others to analyse but she sticks her oar in just a bit!
Click if you have bad eyesight

Would the Leader NOT wear her Dior sunglasses stuck up in her hair. Put them in a case when not being worn. 
So Rhode Island!
But on to the meat of the matter. We now have two deputy leaders. Does this mean they will both earn a deputy leader's allowance of £45,000 a year? Outrageous if true. 

Especially as Cllr Taylor-Smith appears to be as rich as the Dame herself with millions in the bank. Cllr, do this work pro bono: you do not need the money and being a property developer etc. 
The Dame sees Kim got rolled over by a conman! CHURCHILLIAN BLUNDER

What of the others? Mary Weale desperately needs the dough having lost her job. But is an idiot who claimed, 'We hear, but we don't listen' the right person to be looking after the community? Very doubtful. She is also the laziest ward cllr in history.
Emma Will is very nice but tends to blub if Belloc's, Lord Lundy.
Charles Williams has had a charisma by pass

The Cabinet should have taken the Dame's advice and done two things:
  • Give up their allowances for six months
  • Revert to the Committee system.
Nothing has changed....oh, and by the way, who has got the plum planning brief. Surely, not Cllr Taylor-Smith?

Monday, 17 July 2017


Cllr Squire

Which Conservative councillor, back in early July, at a very private meeting, made the following comment....


As the Dame's source observed, "it's not even as if any of the councillors have any aristo connections-apart from Cllr F-M but to be fair to Rocky he wouldn't feel it cool to make such a comment.
The Dame was was young Rocky!
 Rock Fielding, who is a Tory councillor in Kensington and Chelsea, told them: “The estate will not be dictated to by the village.””

The irony is that this 'village' is stuffed with grand aristocratic families whilst the council is stuffed with the middle classes 

Anyway, answers, please, to the Dame

Sunday, 16 July 2017


The Dame has two things on her mind. 
One, a delicate little planning issue and the other an increasing awareness of her own mortality. Well, when you get to ninety-three you're bound to feel nervous, especially finding Ludo, her vile nephew, poking around in her Louis Quinze escritoire looking for her will.
Rev Rob

So to kill two birds with one stone the Dame plans to invite 'jobbing' vicar and councillor, the Rev Rob Thompson to partake of 'tea and fancies' at the Ritz so she can deal with her planning issues and matters spiritual. 

Cllr 'Buffy' Buckmaster is a great fan of Rev Rob and appointed him spiritual consultant during his mayoralty(unpaid)
Buffy tells the Dame that the Rev is far from being a stuffed shirt and enjoys nothing more than an evening of 'trashy' TV.
One hopes nothing risque.....


French Finance Minister, Le Maire and his boy(left) want to
destroy the City Of London....couple of real spivs!
Dear Dame

I know you like to keep focused upon RBK&C issues but this is of great relevance to our Royal Borough where so many French and international bankers live and make an amazing contribution to life here.

President Macron is hell bent upon attempting damage the City and London by luring, not just French citizens, but other financial institutions to France.

Any RB based resident thinking of relocating to Paris should consider the following facts....

·      Why up sticks and locate to a country, which may only be stable in the short term? The French unions have made very clear that they will fight tooth and nail to protect excessively generous worker rights.  Macron may be a flash in the pan.  Once booted out by the hard left those relocated financial institutions will be left in limbo facing the tender mercies of a government which hates capitalism. The promises made by Macron and Le Maire will count for nothing!

·      Despite periods of various extreme socialist UK governments the City has grown and prospered. Socialist politicians, including Corbyn and crew, are not stupid. They know that damaging the City will cut off a massive tax stream with nothing to replace it.
·      The world’s best financial brains come to London for the obvious reason that life is congenial and the social life dynamically international.... oh, and they all have English as a common language.
·      By comparison, social life in Paris is intensely insular: a bit like living in Lisbon.
    Parisians hardly like each other so are most unlikely to welcome outsiders
·      Relocating families and companies to Paris presents massive issues in terms of education and culturally shock. 
    Children will have to find friends in schools catering purely for French children; unlike the internationally mixed London schools. The bullying and social exclusion will be horrific

·      The only beneficiaries of a mass move out will be British divorce lawyers servicing wives seeking divorces from husbands agreeing to the siren calls of Macron.

Thank you for indulging me, dear Dame and I do so enjoy the Hornet’s Nest.

Kind Regards

Paul Stadden


Friday, 14 July 2017


Dear Dame

This meeting seems to serve several purposes. 
Item 2 replacing Paget-Brown as leader; 
item 3 swapping fall-guy Nicholas Holgate for Barry Quirk CBE to run the officers; and various petitions and motions.

The new Leaderene-elect is in some senses a fresh face. But in reality she is tarred by the same brush as all the other cabinet members. 

She had scarcely left the previous cabinet, supposedly on a special 'sabbatical', than she was dragged back when Paget-Brown was forced to resign. 
Any examination of her past record will show she is not up to the job, and her recent public comments merely confirm this.

Holgate was weak and ineffectual, a decent person but easily manipulated by the executive officers and by the elected deities. 

Very quirky
In reality, his crime was to allow the existing rotten culture to continue, and not to confront it. That alone merits removal, the awful Grenfell was the dreadful spotlight which brought all the corruption into plain light.

This meeting gives every impression of the existing regime trying to perpetuate itself. I can't at this stage pass judgment on Quirk, RBKC isn't Lewisham, but I do find his own website a tad weird and self-serving:

Quirke is not economic on the modesty front.....through a third party he analyses himself as....

"an engaging public speaker and an accomplished author on public policy and public leadership. In 2011, his book “Re-imagining Government” was published to critical academic acclaim.   He works to help public leaders discover creative solutions to complex public problems and management challenges.  Barry is always looking to blend what is publicly and politically desirable, with what is both technically feasible and managerially deliverable.

Barry brings clarity of thinking, insight and humour to the serious business of building good government and reforming public services."

Why oh why can't these morons read the Borough's mood correctly? 

6½ years of the Dame and her hornets should count for far more. 
In an essentially multicultural borough it is surprising that it is run by such mediocrity that it takes something like Grenfell to make things happen. 
And Grenfell should never ever have happened. I
t is the result of the conspiracy between the unaccountable housing 'cabinet' and the tenant-hostile TMO. 
Even the dyed-in-the wool borough Tory voters are realising their elected officials are useless.

One is forced to the conclusion that the only way forward is to adopt the suggestion in the petition that every member of the cabinet, including the members immediately prior to the recent reshuffle, must resign. 

Resignation should be immediate and complete, they must all step down from their Wards and cause the necessary by-elections. 
Resignation from the amorphous 'Cabinet' is utterly insufficient, as is awaiting next year's elections. 
There is no way anyone who has been a cabinet functionary can ever expect to regain public confidence. 

The swamp must be drained. Meanwhile Campbell's appointment falls away and Quirk's confirmation must be put on hold until the newcomers are in harness.

Yours truly, dear Dame



Palazzo Hornetto, Portofino

The Dame is angry.
Why has no one told her about the RBK&C EGM?
It really is not good enough. 

Can whoever knows bring the Dame up to speed.
At ninety-three she cannot do everything and she is trying to have some 'me time' at her humble little abode.


Henderson, Denman, Barshall...oh, and Monty
Residents of Sutton Dwellings in Chelsea love their homes. It's a pity that love is unshared by Affinity Sutton, the greedy and disgusting housing association run by £300,000 a year housing manager, the weird Keith Exford.

Everything so wrong with this country is manifested in the salary paid to Exford: twice that of the PM!

Fortunately, Exford is up against Andrew Barshall and Ian Henderson. 
Their brilliant defence of the Dwellings is a strategy masterpiece.
Please read this excellent report LINK

Messrs Henderson and Barshall stood as Independent candidates last time around. Let's hope we see them standing again.


This, from the Kensington Society, was sent to all councillors.
Appropriately, it was sent out on Bastille Day.

The letter raises historic questions.
Kicking Nick Paget-Brown is all very well BUT.....

....the rot set in when Merrick Cockell became leader. For twelve long years Cockell, or Pooter as he is known to his very few friends, ran the Cabinet as if it were a Masonic lodge.
Standing up to Pooter meant banishment to the nether regions.
The fact that he was notably thick besides being deeply unpleasant was another major obstacle.

The Dame believes change is not possible with the current Cabinet system in place; the KS and ALL residents associations need to campaign for two innovations:

* Reversion to the Committee System to kill off the rotten current system
* Encouragement of Independent candidates to stand at next year's election

They might also think of putting up their own sponsored candidates.......

The Dame and friends have identified nine candidates ready to stand on independent tickets.

There are sitting councillors who are picking up £13,500 for doing bugger all.
It may seem little but if you are doing little it's jolly nice!

Dear Members,

The following letter was sent to all councillors on the 3rd July.  Elizabeth Campbell, a councillor since 2006 and a cabinet member since 2010, who returned from her sabbatical, was selected.  Where we hope that as the new leader she can as we stated “will not be to close doors but to open them; someone who can engage both with all sections of the local community”, this week she will select the cabinet.

A few facts:
  • RBKC has 18 wards, 14.5 are in Kensington, 3.5 in Chelsea (Brompton and Hans Town is split);
  • There are 50 councillors.  10.5 in Chelsea and 39.5 in Kensington (if you split Brompton and Hans Town in half).
  • Chelsea has 21% of borough’s councillors and Kensington has 79%. 
  • The cabinet has 10 members;
  • The current cabinet has 6 from Chelsea and 4 from Kensington;
  • Chelsea has 60% of the cabinet.   South verses north.
  • One councillor has been a ward councillor since 1964, several since the 1980s, many since the 1990s.

We ask you to write urgently to your councillors, copy to the leader and request that the new leader takes this opportunity to establish a new beginning with cabinet members which can and will guarantee a genuine culture change and that the appointments be proportional to the borough.

The Kensington Society
14 July 2017